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Sadness and Darkness

2014-03-16 16:01:25 by Quetya

It's been a rather tragic year so far for me.  I've lost family, I'm in a dilemma between pursuing my interests and those which my parents find I have true potential with.

I need a prayer that there will be a brighter end to this already very dark and horrifying year this has been so far.

I need time to do much thinking and also need to start finding new work to be able to continue making any music here or on my main account.

I really appreciate all my fans here, and would love to continue making new music, but right now reality is hitting me in ways I've never quite felt before, and so at this time I have to start giving up one of my biggest desires of all time.


Hope to be able to share more great things with you all in the future. Meanwhile, I just uploaded a new track I produced at my cousin's.




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